The Close Joint-Stock non-Banking credit organization “Agrarcredit” carries out its activity from April 14, 2001 and is a legal successor of the Joint-Stock Commercial Agrarian-Industrial Bank of Azerbaijan Republic. 
   The Close Joint-Stock Credit Organization “Agrarcredit” has been entrusted to conduct the below indicated operations as per the license issued by the Central bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan:
1. To issue credits to the persons engaged in the agricultural fields and in the villages;
2. For the persons rendered credit services
a) to open accounts and to conduct transactions on these accounts;
b) To encash funds, bill of exchange, the payment and settlement documents and to render them the settlement services;
c) To purchase and sale the foreign currency in the internal currency markets by the order of clients;
3. To take part in the implementation of the projects issued by the international financial organizations, donor-states on the inter-state treaties, as well as the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan related to the development of the rural places and agrarian field;


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